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Executive Committee:

A recognized book-industry authority, Claudia has ghosted/edited almost 120 titles in myriad nonfiction subjects and fiction genres. Clients’ titles have been published by major houses, indy publishers, and university presses and have made the bestseller lists, won literary awards, and received critical acclaim. Claudia is the only person to deconstruct (Secrets of a Ghostwriter) and teach (Ghostwriter Certification Training, CCPE/CSULB) how ghosts do what they do, and the spearhead of the Ghostwriters Unite! conference. Her other authored titles include This Business of Books, MS Word for Writers, Buh Bye, M.S. and Hired Bodies.

Liv Haugland is a certified ghostwriter. She majored in cultural anthropology at the University of Oslo, Norway and spent many years in Asia and Europe. She is uniquely positioned to assisting clients with multicultural manuscripts be they memoirs, fiction, or non-fiction. She has assisted clients with their manuscripts on topics ranging from visual literacy to Chinese art, to the angry ghosts of the Buddhist underworld. Liv is a teaching assistant for the Ghostwriter’s Certification Program and continues to ghostwrite and mentor her clients.
Julie Diane Moore is a certified ghostwriter and award winning author who has honed her craft for over a decade. As an active member of the Orange County branch of the California Writers Club, Julie spent two years as editor of the branch newsletter, Orange INK. A firm believer in the philosophy that you never stop learning, she is proud to have been accepted to apprentice directly with Claudia Suzanne and enjoys team teaching their class on Writing Fiction.
Derek Lewis is the ghostwriter who turns business experts into authors. He works with professionals to craft manuscripts that reflect their expertise and industry insights, firmly establishing them as the authority in their respective field. His authors are found on four continents and include CEOs, speakers, consultants, and nonprofit pioneers. Derek’s background includes a master’s in economic development, certification as a professional ghostwriter, and experience in business copywriting for multi-­million dollar companies. He launched his ghostwriting practice to work exclusively with business professionals ready to “write the book” on their area of expertise. He is the author of How Business Authors Work with Ghostwriters and Business, Inspired
A professional ghostwriter, editor and consultant, Lona Nicholle has almost ten year’s industry experience. She’s worked on projects of all kinds, from child sexual abuse to science fiction. The daughter of a ghostwriter, she began running lines, finding words, and establishing her writing ear with her mother while still in elementary school, and was “editing” (ghosting) papers for her classmates by seventh grade. Today she is an award-winning author and independent ghost with a focus on business books and memoirs, and the Managing Partner at Wambtac Communications.