Ghostwriters Unite! provides a unique opportunity for exhibitors to attract new potential sales and referrals alike. Ghostwriters, publishers, literary agents, authors, distributors, eBook converters, sales reps— all together under one roof to take the pulse of the book industry and share best-practices for building a vibrant community and increasing profitability all around.


What if You Could Put Your Brand in front of Hundreds of Potential Sales Representing Thousands of Referrals?


Welcome to Ghostwriters Unite!, the first-ever ghostwriters conference. In attendance will be ghostwriters—many of whom have worked with celebrities, world leaders, and business experts—as well as some of the best people in the industry gathered for this three-day event.

A Unique Advertising Opportunity

Studies show 81% of Americans want to write a book—that’s over 250 million would-be authors. But the vast majority of these people—your potential customers—will never go to a writer’s conference or publishing event. Most won’t buy a copy of Publishers Weekly or even Writers Digest. They’ll turn to their ghostwriter or editor to refer them on to publishers, eBook distributors, cover designers, and whoever they need to help them take their book to market.

Ghostwriters Unite! is an opportunity to market to the gatekeepers of millions of potential authors.


Exhibitor Opportunities
Goody Bag Insert: $350

Booth (1/2 table): $250

Double Booth (6′ Table): $500


Program Ads
Full page ad: $300

1/2 page ad: $300

1/4 page ad: $100

Business card ad: $50


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